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February 25, 2013
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Pony POV Series
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Butterflies Doctor Whooves:
"Big Blue Box"

Written by OracleMask

You'd think after reminding myself to put a wood setting in my screwdriver so often, I'd actually go and get it done...oh, hello again.  Don't mind the planks here, just putting up a fence around the old junk pile.  I think I might ask Dinky and her little friends to paint signs for me to hang on it...something like 'No Playing With Anything Here That Glows', or 'Cutie Mark Crusaders and Associates Not Allowed Without Supervision', I haven't decided yet.

I didn't think I needed to put warnings on the pile, given that the fact that nopony around here cares enough about technology to try and reverse-engineer anything dangerous used to be good enough to avoid any problems.  Ah, but then somepony does something to the poor defenseless laws of physics and there you go.

More questions today?  Or were you looking to rummage a bit?

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Where does all this stuff come from?)

It falls in through the same rift I originally came through.  The hole itself is sealed, naturally, but there's still a scar in spacetime where it was located.  That scar bleeds energy and draws in lots of debris from all corners of the universe and beyond.  Very useful having a rift like that around, considering that's the easiest way to refuel my TARDIS – she just loves to soak in all that energy – but I always end up picking up flotsam at the same time.  And even the TARDIS doesn't have infinite storage room.  Though I do keep the more dangerous and time-sensitive things locked up - sorry, Equestria, you're going to have to wait five thousand years for cold crystal fusion like everywhere else!

Still, there's plenty of it that's useless, harmless, and otherwise broken beyond repair.  That's what I toss onto the pile here in Ponyville.  I get plenty of ponies rummaging after I add to the pile – mostly they go for little bits of metal or other shiny things...glassware is the most popular from what I've seen.  Occasionally, one of the intact-but-broken devices is taken, but that's never been a problem before now.  Nopony ever managed to repair any of them before!  Suppose that's my fault for underestimating how determined little fillies can be, but still...I need to figure out which Crusader managed to fix that old flux-capacitor.  I could use a decent mechanic.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): By the way, Doctor?  It's good to see you outside.)

Hmm?  Oh yes!  Considering how I was acting the last time we talked, seeing me outside like this would be a bit of a surprise.  Thank you, by the way, for getting my head on straight.  I wouldn't have been able to help Derpy and Dinky at all if I'd stayed in hiding.  Leaving them to the mercy of that so-called 'doctor'...what had already happened to Derpy and her girls at Discord's hands was bad enough!  It made what happened to me seem trivial by comparison.

No, really!  So what if I was turned into a madman?  At least it was a relatively harmless madness that didn't involve making my own child believe that I wanted them dead! And it could have been, oh yes, it could have been exactly like that for me!  You see...I used to travel with my granddaughter, Susan.  It was...sorry, just...something in my eye.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Take your time.)

...It was marvelous traveling with Susan back in the early days.  She was so full of wonder, so keen to explore and learn more about the universe.  Perhaps she was a bit danger-prone, but Susan was young!  She'd grow out of it, I was sure.  It was actually because of her that I started traveling with humans...Susan thought they were the cleverest little species, and her delight in their antics, I'll admit, quickly rubbed off on me.

And then she fell in love with a human, and I made the decision to leave her behind with him so she could seize that happiness.  Susan was happy with her husband, she really was!  But...I could have easily kept her with me instead.  We could have taken the lad with us, everyone traveling together, and she could have ended up here in Equestria with me...and – and after potentially hundreds of years of traveling together, through all of space and time...I'd have attacked her in a heartbeat if Discord's influence made me think it was a good idea.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): You're the one who decided to leave her behind?)

Yes, yes, I know.  I've had a very bad habit of deciding things for others my entire life.  Though I've been very good about stepping back and letting others decide things since we last talked!  And I'm proud to say that there are a few things I've never tried to control.  For example, I've never attempted to parent Derpy's daughters for her – she's a very loving and very capable mother, and besides you never want to mess with mothers...they slap.

Although technically the only pony I've been slapped by thus far is Derpy's daughter Sparkler...didn't approve of me running off with her mother or something like that, I don't remember what her exact reasoning was.  I thought it was too ridiculous to take note of at the time.  Our relationship hasn't much that improved since then, though we did managed to hammer out this agreement: I stay out of hoof-reach, and she doesn't hit me anymore.

...Does it actually count as a slap if it's a hoof instead of a hand?  Hmm...

In any case, after a very awkward walk across Ponyville – jumping at my own shadow the whole time – I found out what'd happened to Derpy and sprang into you've probably already heard.  Naturally, I immediately took that so-called doctor to task, and luckily for him the fool pony saw reason and left Dinky in the loving hooves of her mother, where she rightfully belonged.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): We heard you got a visit from Celestia because of that.)

Celestia?  Ah, err, well...she came by the TARDIS the very next day.  And she was very, very cross with me.  Said I'd been needlessly traumatizing one of her ponies, when I didn't do anything more than explain (in excruciating detail) exactly what I would do if that doctor succeeded in his little ploy to break up a wonderful family.  She even agreed with me that it would have been worse if mother and foal were separated!  Celestia, however, is protective of all the ponies in Equestria...even the ones nopony else likes.  And...maybe I went the tiniest little bit overboard?  Apparently the fellow's developed a minor phobia of the word 'Doctor'...

But Celestia and I parted, after a bit of talking and arguing and some snarky back-and-forth, still on good terms and with my invitations to future teatimes still intact.  I'm not sure we're really what you'd call friends, but I'd definitely hate to lose the company of a fellow tea-lover.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Doctor, are you friends with Carrot Top?)

Carrot, don't think so.  I'd say we're more like acquaintances with a mutual friend in Derpy.  Why do you ask?

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): What about any other ponies?  Do you have any friends other than your companions?)

...Friends outside of my companions...hmm...I don't really have many., wait, not that one, but, not him either...huh.  I don't think I have any, actually.  It just...feels awkward, I suppose.  I can share things like the TARDIS with friends, or my being a Time Lord.  But to the run-of-the-mill pony in the middle of the street, those are difficult things to understand.  I'd rather not spend centuries sharing boring personal facts about myself over and over again.

I'll admit to spending time with members of Ponyville's bachelor herd, but that was kind of unavoidable.  In a town of Ponyville's size, the ratio of mares to stallions means that all the males here know each other on sight.  Me being a new face in town, of course the 'boys' wanted to welcome me to their little herd-within-the-herd.

Though I can't say it's been all bad...I've yet to find a sight more mind-boggling than a pony playing a saxophone.  Somehow Noteworthy manages it with hooves when it's clearly using an instrument meant for creatures with fingers, and he's still brilliant at it!  And once I showed him a little ditty originally from the 44th century and he memorized and played it perfectly on his sax despite it not even being written for any sort of brass instrument!

Also, he's a blue pony.  That makes him incredibly interesting by default.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Are the other stallions interesting too?)

Well, they all have their own little charms.  Fizzy and Grape – that is, Cherry Fizzy and Goldengrape – have a little comedy duo routine they like to practice.  Some of their material is actually pretty decent, and Fizzy wants to take a shot at being professional comedians but Grape isn't as sure about it.  Caramel doesn't say much, but he likes to tag along with whatever everypony else is doing – I suspect it comes from growing up with so many lookalike relatives.  He claims he doesn't feel comfortable standing out, but he's got this good can-do attitude and I personally feel that he just needs to apply himself more.  Big Mac is the shy type but he's a very intelligent pony despite it.  If the bachelor herd has a leader, I'm fairly certain Big Mac is it.  And then there's Pierce...fabulous dancer, really lives to dance the hours away whenever he gets the chance.  Though he needs to be careful with that horn of his unless he fancies poking somepony's eye out.

Hmm?  No, none of the stallions have been in the TARDIS.  That's probably why they insist on referring to her as a funny-looking blue shed, which...I try to take with grace.  My beautiful TARDIS, reduced to nothing more than a common shed?  The infernal cheek.

And one of the other Apple boys – at least half of the ponies in Ponyville are related to the Apple family, comes from them helping to found the town – even offered to help me put up a new 'shed', as the 'shed' I currently had was clearly too small to store much in.  I told him that she's actually much bigger than she looks, and tried very hard not to laugh in his face.

So like I said, they're all more acquaintances than actual friends...or at least that's what I believed at first.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): What happened to changed your mind?)

Who do you think happened?

And while I was trying to ignore all possible distractions while I worked on my, err, ill-advised little plan from before, I think the entire bachelor herd came around at one point or another while I was holed up behind the old girl's shields.  The TARDIS didn't let any of them in, but still they knocked on the door, a few ponies coming each day, and tried to talk me into coming out through the door when I wouldn't unlock it.

Once Derpy's situation was resolved to my liking, I found out what they'd gone through...have I mentioned that I'm thick sometimes?  I was so convinced that I was the worst off, and that the ponies here were doing well and recovering without me!  But I'm a thickity-thick old Time Lord – thicker than mud!  Helping Derpy was just the start of it for me.

Pokey Pierce was turned into an inflated balloon version of himself, and anything he touched deflated like it was a balloon too.  Up to and including the ponies who were trying to keep him from floating away into the sky.  He was still in the air when things went back to normal...and broke all four legs when he hit the ground.  Poor fellow was terrified of moving even after they healed – dancing now out of the question for him – and he tried to convince the rest of us to saw his horn off!  He really thought he was going to pop other ponies like balloons!  We managed to talk him down to just wearing a great big cork plug on the end of his horn, thank goodness.

Poor Caramel was made completely invisible and inaudible.  He was otherwise left completely the same, and spent the rest of the day trying in vain to get somepony, anypony to realize he was really there.  Apparently the fact that Caramel never stood out much from the rest of his family tickled Discord's sick fancy...  Now he never shuts up, following the other stallions around like a lost puppy, babbling about whatever comes to mind...saying anything as long as it makes sure we know he's right there with us.  Telling him to be quiet only sends him into hysterics.

Noteworthy's voice was turned into the music of a full brass band.  Then Discord set him marching up and down Ponyville's streets, repeating every page of every book he'd ever read out loud, to provide 'background music'.  I...I think I remember clubbing him in the head while I was insane...  After we were all ourselves again, Noteworthy smashed and threw out all his instruments and swore he'd never play music again.  We managed to repair a few (my sonic screwdriver doesn't do woodwinds either, sadly), but we had to hide them afterward so Noteworthy couldn't re-break them.

Big Mac stopped talking completely for a while.  Honestly, I don't think anypony outside of his immediate family knows what really happened to him.  Thank goodness having an Element of Harmony for a sibling seemed to help him recover a bit.

Cherry Fizzy and Goldengrape were working on their comedy routine at the time they were twisted.  Apparently Discord did something to each of their respective senses of humor, because they each decided that the other wasn't taking them seriously and they started fighting.  Eventually it turned into an actual knock-down drag-out fight when they attacked each other, cursing and screaming all the while.  Perhaps fortunately, they were evenly matched and the fight ended as a double-knockout, but they still put each other in the hospital.  They refused to go near or even look at each other afterwards – not angry anymore, but shamed and afraid of what they'd done.

And then there  What?  What's this hug for?

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Because!)


(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): You're blaming yourself for what happened to them!  Please don't.)


(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Sounds like you've been keeping busy, Doctor.)

...Well...yes!  That's true, I hadn't returned to the TARDIS once during all of that.  Too much work to do, trying to help everypony I'd been neglecting.  And it did wonders for my fear of the outdoors, all that running around.  Things were almost back to normal for me, lack of traveling aside, when Fluttershy, err...happened.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): What happened to you on Princess Gaia's day?)

Not sure that there's much to talk about.  I mean, I took a great big sniff of that fog and was out like a light.  The next part is a little foggy in my memory...pun unintended.  I know I was treated to a momentary vision of all my companions – all of them – on a picnic with me, in a field of red grass surrounded by trees with silver leaves...but it felt manufactured, and my mind was not in the mood to accept any more invasions...not after Discord, last in a long line of – of – of – never mind, nevermind nevermind!

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Deep breaths, Doctor.)

...Sorry.  Please, don't write that bit down.

Anyway, Fluttershy definitely noticed me fighting her influence.  I can say that for sure because the next thing I knew, I was wrapped up in a soothing, loving hug while Mama Princess Gaia apologized for scaring me.  She didn't want to hurt any of her little foals, and I had already been through so very much thanks to a whole lot of big bad meanies.  I couldn't remember what the 'much' was anymore, and she said that was it was fine!  If Mama Gaia said it, it had to be true!

'Mama will take on all this heavy weight you're carrying, my little sweetie,' she said, 'You don't need to worry about anything anymore.  Mama will take care of everything.'

I got a nuzzle, and then woke up.  Suddenly I was a little colt!  Or was I always a colt?  I liked the second idea better, so I've probably always been a colt.  And my cutie mark was squiggly and crayon-drawn, unless it'd always been that way...either way, I thought it looked super-duper cool!  I wanted to show it off.  But to who?

Oh, right!  My bestest companionest friend Derpy!  She'd think it was super cool too!  I trotted off to Derpy's house.  Along the way, I saw lots of other foals and even more lots of Mama Gaia's birds singing their song for us.  One or two big ponies were around too, but then I guess I blinked because they were gone and instead there were more foals than before.

Derpy's house had loads of Mama Gaia's birds around it!  Ooh, she was so lucky!

“Derpy!  Derpy Derpy Derpy!  Come on, you've got to come outside!  It's so cool!” I called to her through the window.

I remember feeling surprised and confused that Derpy was bigger than me.  And then she start doing all sorts of karate moves with a mop, bashing bird brains in left and right!  I was a little bit scared of her, but also kind of impressed.  I wished I could move like that somehow, it looked really amazing...though it'd be hard for me to do some of those flips without wings.

Anyway, since Derpy was busy I decided to go looking for my other friends.  I found Fizzy and Grape first – they were telling each other knock-knock jokes!  They had crayon cutie marks too, and agreed with me that they were super-cool.  Not far away I saw Noteworthy and some other foals had found a whole lot of musical instruments somepony had hidden, and they were playing so loudly that nopony could hear Mama Gaia's birds over them.  It was still good dance music, though, and we could all tell because Pokey Pierce was dancing with a cute green filly named Apple Smith.  I tried dancing too, and it was so much fun!  All the fillies wanted to dance, and so did the colts!

I found Caramel with all his brothers and sisters not too far away – they were having the biggest group hug ever!  Everypony was talking, and Caramel was listening to them happily.  But even though I found all everypony having fun and it was all wonderful and I knew Mama Gaia was making sure nothing bad could ever happen, because she was our mama and therefore could do anything...I kept finding myself looking for somepony.  I wanted to find him because he was extremely important to me, but I didn't know where he was.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Who was it?)

Ah!  ...S – Sorry, forgot you three were listening.  Err, well, I think I know who I was looking for now, but at the time I only had a vague sense that there was supposed to be another colt around.  My oldest and very best friend...but I couldn't remember his name.

As it turned out, Princess Gaia suppressed all of my memories that she considered 'damaging', and he was included in them.  I've lived a very long time and I've seen several unspeakable horrors over the centuries.  Princess Gaia was busy converting all of Equestria as fast as she could, so she couldn't devote the time to 'fixing' me as thoroughly as she had the other ponies.  I do appreciate what effort she managed to put in, don't get me wrong!  But the end result left me feeling a bit lost.

I wandered back over to Derpy's house, wondering if she was ever going to come outside and play.  What I found there was Sparkler, sitting outside and waiting.  It turned out that Mama Gaia had offered to make Derpy her super-special Knight!  I thought that was a great idea, but Derpy hadn't agreed to it yet.  I ended up sitting and waiting with Sparkler for a was nice.  For some reason I was nervous, but it wasn't like I thought she was going to be mean or hit me!

And then...err, this next part is a bit on the strange side...I was distracted.  By a giggle, specifically.  It sounded oddly familiar, though I wasn't sure why, and it was coming from around the corner of the building.  Sparkler couldn't seem to hear it, so I went to investigate by myself.  When I looked, though...nothing was there.

A few moments later I heard the giggling again, this time coming from above me.  I had just enough time to look up before something poked me on the forehead.  It was barely a little poke, but it sent sparks tickling through my brain.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): You sound surprisingly happy about that, considering...)

Well I suppose normally I would've been more alarmed, but it really did tickle!  I could feel the sparks and their tickling going all over me, and I ended up giggling fit to burst.  You can't really get proper tickling without fingers, but I suppose this was the exception.  When the tickles and eventually the giggles both subsided, I looked up again and saw the most beautiful filly in the universe hovering over me.

Her coat was the bluest blue, down to the feathery tips of her flapping wings, and she had a poofy golden mane and tail.  They were both so ripply that I thought they were moving on their own, and so sparkly it looked like she was trailing golden dust behind her.  Her eyes were golden as well, and her cutie mark was a silver squiggle.  Like I said...beautiful.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): What, you had a crush on her?)

It – It wasn't a crush!  There was something else about her too, something my underdeveloped foal brain couldn't put a name to but still knew it absolutely adored.  I suppose...she had some sort of substance to her that nopony else did.  All I knew at the time, deep in my hearts, was that there was no one in the universe as wonderful as her.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Except Princess Gaia, right?)


What?  Of course I still loved Mama Gaia, and knew she was wonderful too, but this filly was in a class all on her own.  And I had all of about ten seconds to take in the sight of her before she giggled again, turned around, and flew off.  I chased after her right away!  I wanted to know who she was!  Not the easiest thing, chasing a flying filly on foot, but I wasn't going to give up just like that.

It turned into kind of like hide-and-seek: she'd wave at me from a roof, and I'd run around looking for a way up there...only to have her fly off to a different roof when I wasn't watching.  Kind of felt like she was teasing me...but I guess it was a nice kind of teasing?  Like you'd get from your best friend?  I felt a little frustrated that I couldn't catch her, but I wasn't upset by just made me more determined!  And none of the other foals joined in the game, but that was okay.

Finally the beautiful but mysterious filly landed.  I ran up to her...but hesitated.  She was standing in front of this great big blue shed that I hadn't really noticed before.  I don't know why I didn't notice it, because it was really amazing.  My insides felt all warm just from looking at it.  The filly popped inside, closing the door behind her, and of course I pushed the doors open to get in as well.

And inside was the best box in the entire universe.

Oh yes, it triggered a few memories to resurface.  I remembered that this was a TARDIS, and that it was mine...and that it could travel through time and space.  And I had a feeling I knew who the mysterious filly I'd been chasing was...though how she'd managed this, I had no idea.  Still don't, actually.

I also knew that I didn't care!  Why?  Because I had a big blue box full of uppy-downy stuff, and I wanted to share it with everypony!  This brilliant magical box...I wanted to show it to all of my friends.  I had just the thing, too, since there was ice cream in the kitchen: I went to the doors and invited every foal I could see to come in and help me eat it.  I soon had a dozen foals running in and out of the doors, all excited about how it was so much bigger on the inside.  Mama Gaia's birds didn't come inside, though we invited them.  Birds must not like being indoors much.

Some of us went in further, exploring the rooms.  They agreed with me that I had the best box in the world ever, especially when we found the swimming pool.  Oh, and playing dress-up in the wardrobe!  Little Mac got tangled in a giant scarf we found, but we got him un-tangled and even found a little bitty top hat and bow tie for his Smarty Pants doll to wear!  Actually, there were practically millions of hats...I never realized I had so many before.  And then we found a trampoline room!  Since when have I had a trampoline room?  No idea!  Brilliant all the same, though!

Of course, there were so many fun things to do outside that all the other foals eventually wandered back out.  In the end, it was just me and the filly standing in the console room.  I was wondering what to do.  Should we go outside and play with the others?  It seemed like a good idea...but when I made to follow them outside, the filly put herself in between me and the doors.  And she had a point, because I really did like being inside my TARDIS.  Confused now, I asked the filly what she wanted to do.

The grin I got in response was enormous, and she promptly jumped on me for a hug.  I felt that ticklish poke again, from where her head was pressed against mine, and the best idea ever appeared in my brain.

We had a box that could travel anywhere and to any time.  Clearly the only logical thing to do with it was run away and see the universe!

Laughing, we launched ourselves at the console and began hitting buttons, toggling switches, and flipping levers at random.  Within minutes the engines rumbled to life and we were in flight!  And there were plenty of places to go when you had the best box in the universe and a whole afternoon to spend playing in it!  Who wants to be stuck in one place and time anyway?  There's so much to see out there!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Where did you go?)

Let's see...we visited the Apple Centauri system and helped with Smithworld's harvest.  Imagine it, a whole planet that grows nothing but Zap Apples!  It's fantastic!  Got zapped a bit trying to get the apples off the trees...all in good fun.  They gave us a great big jar of Zap Apple Jam as a thank-you!

And then we visited Dream Castle while it was under construction and helped the ponies building it for a few hours, that was fun too!  We, uh, we might have put an important brick in wrong here or there...but it wasn't like the place was about to be swallowed by any kind of ooze!  I'm sure the ponies fixed it after we left.

Speaking of ooze, we went to Planet Muck next.  Kind of smelly planet, really, but they go through this funny dimension shift every few thousand years and for two months it becomes Planet Clean!  Once that happened, we got to ride the giant talking bubbles!  They tell the most interesting stories.  Most of the time they smell as bad as the rest of the place, being full of muck, so nopony wants to visit them...they get incredibly chatty with visitors as a result.

Oh, and we finally found that planet where they grow muffins on the vine!  I have to remember where that one is, I know Derpy will love it.

Then we went to the Ponyhead Nebula, and made it just in time for the Moonfish Millennial concert.  Moonfish are what Seaponies eventually evolve into, you know, swimming in space instead of water.  It's beautiful watching them soaring through the galaxy on gossamer wings, and of course...they still sing.  It's telepathically broadcast of course, there's nothing there to carry the sound, but even non-telepathic beings can hear it with the right equipment.

We made a bunch of other stops was a long, long afternoon.  The last place we ended up going was the Planet of Ice-Cream.  I'd just remembered that the other foals had eaten all the ice cream on board, and figured 'why not go get some more?'.

Yes, it's really a planet made of ice cream.  I'd explain how that works, but you probably don't have all month to spare.  And they have a funny system when it comes to mining their most common natural resource: they don't care who or what you are, as long as you pay in full up front, and respect the integrity of their ice cream ecosystem.  I traded a few doodads I had lying around for mining rights to a small mountain, and it only half-filled the holds.  Then, since I was a foal with a large pile of ice cream lying around, I promptly began stuffing my face with it.

Of course, after eating a lot of ice cream I ended up very hyper and started rolling around in it, so maybe it was just as well that my sudden foalhood was reaching its end.  Far away and long ago, Mama Gaia had just been defeated and restored to sanity by her fellow Elements of Harmony.  As a result, her powers began losing their effect and everything she'd changed began reverting.  I didn't immediately change back to an adult, but I paused in mid-roll when I felt a sudden empty spot in my mind reopen.

Time Lords are a telepathic species...were a telepathic species.  Before the last Time War, I could hear the hum of their minds in the back of my brain no matter where or when I went.  After the war...aside from two or three sadly brief moments, that place has remained silent.  And it was that spot where Princess Gaia had planted her influence.  So of course I realized instantly that something was going on.

The filly knew something was happening too, I think, because all of a sudden I got another hug from her despite being covered in sticky ice cream.  She looked very sad, and I was about to ask her what was wrong when all of a sudden –


– I was an adult, covered in melted ice cream, and alone.  Not to mention very confused about what had just happened.  I had to check the internal monitors and the flight log before I was able to put most of the pieces together...and then I had to figure out what I was going to do with all this ice cream I suddenly had.  A sheepish visit back to the Planet of Ice-Cream only got me a four-hour lecture on their extremely strict policy against any and all returns and-slash-or refunds.  Like I said, they've got a funny system.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): What happened to the filly?)

Took a nap, I expect.  That sort of thing doesn't come naturally to her, and it was a wonder we were able to travel at all at the same time.  Luckily we were able to return to Equestria without any major problems...aside from giving little Dinky a stomachache from too much ice cream later on.  Got to admit, hearing that Derpy won an award from Princess Luna for being too determined to let Princess Gaia's fog take her left me feeling very proud of her.  Can I pick companions, or can I pick companions?

That's rhetorical by the way, I don't actually pick them.  If I'm lucky, they pick me.

And...that's about it, I guess?  Certainly nothing interesting happened after that.  Just the Gaia Festival, the old girl going for a joyride with a certain pink pony, at least one timeline divergence, Derpy's award ceremony in Canterlot, and a group of fillies-plus-one-dragon breaking so many laws of time and space that I had to invent several more of them on the spot, just to better explain how what they did might have accidentally imploded time itself.  Thus the need for this fence, which I really should get working on.

...You are done with the questions for today, aren't you?

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Just one more.)

Only one?  Alright.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Could you tell us the story of what happened to your other companion?)


(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): ...Doctor?)

...S - Sorry, but that story, that's...could we not?  Or maybe talk about that some other time?  ...Please?

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): That's fine.)

Thank you.
The third installment of the tale of Doctor which the Doctor attempts to build a fence, but is sidetracked by nosy Interviewers.

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alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
This fic rocks. 
gamexpert1990 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
First, let me just say that I have very little experience (practically nonexistent) with the Doctor outside of the FiM fandom...

Anyway, now that I'm getting around to these particular recursives, I can say that they seem to be quite the enjoyable read.

"Nopony ever managed to repair any of them before! Suppose that's my fault for underestimating how determined little fillies can be, but still...I need to figure out which Crusader managed to fix that old flux-capacitor. I could use a decent mechanic."
I think I might have told him he might want to look in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres, but then this quote popped into my head: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." I wonder if it could also be said as: "An Apple a day keeps The Doctor away."
OracleMask Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm really glad you liked them.

And, well, let's just say the Apples would be more likely to get a visit if they were banana farmers instead. ;)
gamexpert1990 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Well, I'm glad you wrote them for us to like. :-)

What is it with bananas? Is it something I would need to watch the show to fully comprehend? Like I said, about the only Doctor Who knowledge I have comes from the pony fandom, so all I know about the banana thing comes from your work, and "Pinkie Pie's 4th Wall-Breaking Theater." (The one where they all turn into Nightmares...)

Also, are you planning on continuing the "Looking Glass Ponies" chapters? Or even (scratch that. Especially) the "Penumbra" chapters?
OracleMask Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Bananas are a Doctor Who thing, yep.  Basically all you need to know is that the Doctor really likes bananas.  (Well, Nine and Ten do, and they're two of the three incarnations that are likely to be the most familiar to current Doctor Who fans)

That was a deliberately silly version of the Doctor's Nightmare with the bananas, if the Doctor went 'really' Nightmare, well, lets just say it's going to be as deliberately horrifying as I can make it.

And yes, I am still planning on continuing all my writing.  I only write when I'm inspired to write though, so I can't tell you when the next chapters will be up at the moment.
gamexpert1990 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Thank you very much for that information. I truly do appreciate it.

Now, let me just apologize in advance, but I might end up rambling a bit here...

As far as fans of the show go, current or otherwise, I'm sure that if I ever actually get around to watching the show (actually, I THINK I saw an episode once, but I can't really remember the plot. About all I really remember is a scene at the end where he is carrying the 2012[?] Olympic's torch. At least, I'm fairly certain it was "Doctor Who") I'll become a fan almost far too easily... It's not so much a lack of interest, more of a lack of accessibility. If you don't mind me asking: where would you MOST reccomend someone to start watching?

"if the Doctor went 'really' Nightmare, well, lets just say it's going to be as deliberately horrifying as I can make it."

o_O Oh, dear.

Well, please forgive me if this sound somewhat shallow, but I am relieved you plan on continuing your work. It is truly enjoyable. It's a good thing I'm patient (at least, I try to be)... Who knows how long it will take for inspiration to strike?

I hope I'm not getting too annoying, but let me just say once more: Thank you. :-)
OracleMask Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
If you don't mind me asking: where would you MOST reccomend someone to start watching?

Hmm...I would pick a version (Classic Who or NuWho) and start at the beginning.

Be warned that First and Second Doctor episodes can be VERY hard to find, and most of Classic Who special effects are pretty silly.  ...Heck, even early NuWho special effects are a little silly XD.  Also that Nine has the second-shortest run of any Doctor (which I find to be a shame personally, he's great).

I hope I'm not getting too annoying, but let me just say once more: Thank you. :-) (Smile)

You're welcome~
gamexpert1990 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Hmm. After your comment (again I sincerely appreciate it) and a somewhat brief Google/Wikipedia search, I believe I'll have to flip a coin to make my decision...

I usually try to start things from the beginning, but given how hard it appears to find earlier episodes, that may not be quite practical for me.

As far as the new version goes, well, I do consider 10 to be my lucky number, and it appears to be what most people know nowadays... (I'm fairly certain I'm correct, but I'm still asking to verify: NuWho starts with Nine, right?)

Now where did I put that coin?
OracleMask Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
NuWho does start with Nine.  His run does a good job of world building, so you'll probably be less confused than if you start with Ten.
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Cold crystal fusion! Let's be glad that Nameless never got a hoof of that.

Ah!  ...S – Sorry, forgot you three were listening.  Err, well, I think I know who I was looking for now, but at the time I only had a vague sense that there was supposed to be another colt around.  My oldest and very best friend...but I couldn't remember his name.

He is talking about the Master isn't he. I wonder what happen to him during Chaos day and Gaia day. Oh wait it was revealed in Shinging Armor POV pt. 18 that he was a fob watch with Colgate during both events. So no wonder the Doctor couldn't find him. Still begs the question how he got in that condition to begin with. Hmmm...I guess we may never know. 

Great story. I may not know alot about Doctor Who! but I still enjoy reading this.
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